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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Only fourteen short days till departure...

3:06 pm CET

First of all, I go home exactly two weeks from today. It's exciting, but I am terribly saddened by the prospect of leaving this wonderful city...

Anyway, nothing interesting has been happening lately, so if I seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth, that's probably why.

The other day, after my nearly two hour-long meeting with my project advisor, Jacob and I went out for dinner at the Market Hall. We met and went upstairs and browsed the food stalls for a short while before deciding on one. I got some tasty (and spicy!) sausages, and afterward we went downstairs and found some pastries to bring home for dessert.

We headed back to my place, but before going up, I bought some groceries. Once in my room, we made tea and watched Alice in Wonderland, followed by several youtube videos. It was nice to spend a quiet evening with a friend after all the stress of the week.

Yesterday I didn't do much, but Carrie, Matt, Patty, and I made cookies later in the evening. They came out kinda weird; a bit too sugary and a bit too dense. They weren't bad, though... just strange.

Today I had a short interview with my advisor, but other than that, I've done nothing so far other than watch Magic School Bus episodes online. I don't know why, but I had an urge to watch one the other day, and I've been watching ever since. It's so nostalgic! I certainly wish Ms. Frizzle could have been my teacher, hahaha.

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