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Monday, January 24, 2011


3:35 pm CET

Yesterday Jacob and I went to see The Social Network at Mammut (big mall; very confusing). It was pretty good; I think it lived up to the hype I've heard. Though I can't be sure if it's Oscar-worthy without having seen the other films from the year.

Last night Carrie and I spontaneously decided to go to Poland. We leave tonight on a train that arrives in Krakow early tomorrow morning. I certainly hope I can sleep this time; I always have such trouble trying to sleep on trains. And buses. And airplanes...

The plan is to take a day to explore the city a bit and see what we can. And we want to go to Auschwitz, which is really the main reason for going. I've been feeling lately that it's something I need to do while I'm here. I am especially happy and relieved not to be going alone, as that probably would have ended poorly. Hell, it may still end poorly. But I will have support and a friend, and that will be enough.

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