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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've gotta jump on the wind's back and away I'll go!

4:14 pm CET

Practically everybody is gone now. Julianne left for home this morning, and I'm fairly certain that Ada and I are the only BSCS people still here in the dorm. It's sort of a weird feeling...

On a happier note: I'm going to Israel tomorrow!!!! I am more excited than a neuron during action potential (sorry; horrid joke, I know). And after Israel, I'm off to Athens for a whole week! It's so terribly thrilling, but I am a teensy bit nervous, too. I always get so anxious in airports; what if I can't find my gate? What if security takes too long? What if I miss my flight? Too many problematic scenarios go through my head at once and I just get a little overwhelmed. Since my flight is at 7:25, I have to get up super-early once again to make sure I have enough time for transportation and whatnot. Arriving too early I can deal with; I just really, really don't want to be late.

For some bizarre reason, I have to backtrack to Italy before I can continue east to Israel. I've got a two-hour layover in Rome and I hop on another plane to Tel Aviv, so maybe I'll buy a t-shirt in the airport and pretend that I went to Italy. I've heard the airport is massive and I'm a little nervous about finding my way there, too. I'm sure I'll be fine, though. Just gotta be time-conscious, right?

Regardless of what happens in the airports, I am beyond hyped for this nearly two-week long trip to a couple of the most historical places on Earth. I'm not sure when I'll be able to update, but I will do my best. For now... viszontlátásra Hungary, and helloooooooo Mediterranean!

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