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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hineni - Here I am.

12:34 am Israel Standard Time (IST)

I am exhausted. Waking up at four is never fun, but having to endure several hours of travel afterward is just painful. Getting to Ferihegy was no problem, neither was flying to Rome. The flight from Rome to Tel Aviv was interesting, though, to say the least. The guy next to me was high as a kite, having just flown in from Amsterdam, and was en route to Israel because, apparently, he was to attend a huge pot harvesting festival. He wasted no time in telling me of his European weed-related exploits before derailing and talking about Canucks hockey (he was a Canadian fellow). Finally he fell asleep and I tried to do the same, but I didn't get much rest.

Once through security (which wasn't so bad, surprisingly enough) I met Chloe and her friend SarahJean (who, surprisingly enough, is also studying in Budapest) and we took a train into Be'er Sheva. It has the feel of a suburb rather than a city. Or a small city like Kalamazoo. I think that's why I'm not so weirded out yet that I'm in Israel; it just doesn't feel like I thought it would. At least, not yet.

Dr. Haus is here doing some K stuff (I think), so he took Rachel, Chloe, and I out for dinner. It was nice!! We went to this place called Gecko and had some really good food and entertaining conversation. But now... now I am just ready for bed. It has been a very, very long day.

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