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Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF. For real.

So this week was a little strange. And more than a little shitty. The new class (brain imaging) was basically an ode to fMRI, and was thus not up my alley at all. In fact, it was so far removed from my alley that it was probably in a different city. Lame colloquialisms aside, I was not very happy or confident this week.

I got a good cry from watching both Up and the Return of the King, which were greatly needed. I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately, and it was truly wonderful to be able to let it out while watching favourite movies. It was definitely a more constructive way of having a slight breakdown than it could have been, that's for sure.

So now that I'm feeling mostly better and my stupid exam is done, I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up. I have papers to procure, finances to arrange, a ton of laundry to do...

But then it's off to Nice on Sunday where I get to spend five days in a French Riviera paradise. All I can say is thank goodness. Thank. Freakin'. Goodness.

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