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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need to learn how to cook, stat.

7:35 pm CET

Despite this blog's title, it seems I'm not yet hungry enough to be adventurous in the kitchen (I know; I groaned as I wrote it. Bad puns, bad!).

It's merely that I have all these irrational fears about far-fetched cooking scenarios and they love to play out vividly in my mind; I'm going to blow up the oven or set fire to the stove or singe my eyebrows or burn my dinner so severely that the pungent stink sets off the sprinklers in the entire building and I get ostracised and sent to the dank, dark Collegium basement never to be heard from again.

... Ok, that last part was for melodramatic flourish, but for realsies: I'm just really afraid that I'll mess up. And if there's one thing that I absolutely hate doing, it's messing up. Not that I think perfection is plausible--far from it--I simply like keeping my shortcomings to a minimum. From everyone else's perspective, anyway.

My plans to actually cook thwarted once more, it looks as though I'm having a salami and cheese sandwich for dinner again. At least I'm pro at making those, right?

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  1. You're speaking to the person who's managed to screw up EasyMac and Ramen Noodles. Whatever you do, I think you're going to be fine.

    Also, the smoke detectors in my apartment go off when they detect steam. Steam. Not smoke–water vapor. Now I'm afraid that if there's an actual fire, our smoke detectors won't know what to do.