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Monday, November 8, 2010


12:24 am CET

So... this week was a little weird. We had Monday off from school for All Saints' Day, which messed up my whole perception of the week, seeing as how our classes are short enough as it is. Having just returned from Nice and Vienna threw me off, as well; I just don't think I was ready to jump back into actually-thinking-mode after a good ten days of rest and relaxation...

Following a week of barely paying attention and a painful exam, around came the weekend again. It was mostly spent hanging in the dorm, but I managed to get out a time or two. Jacob and I met for dinner on Friday and then went back to my room to watch Finding Nemo (I love that movie so damn much, haha). Saturday I didn't do a thing except watch the Return of the King with the roomies, and today I didn't do much either, save for an outing to the cinema to see Despicable Me in 3D (it just came out here a few days ago and I never saw it over the summer) with Yoana, Catherine, Julianne, and Ada. IT WAS ADORABLE. I enjoyed every moment; obnoxious (and kind of cute...) unicorn song and all. And we got a 5L box of popcorn! That's a whole lot of popcorn, lemme tell you. So. Much. Popcorn.

The new class starts tomorrow (as usual) and I'm hoping that I won't space out too much. Though that's probably a fool's hope. Yeah... definitely a fool's hope.

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