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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I want a little Ewok friend...

11:04 pm CET

As far as school days go, today wasn't so bad. Class was boring, but I found out this afternoon that I aced the paper that had been a thorn in my side for a good month and a half. Some good news never hurts, right?
Following what seemed like an eternity in class, I walked from the uni across Petőfi híd and into Pest. I went north along the river to the Market Hall where I met up with Jacob for a little afternoon outing. We went to Vörösmarty tér for the Christmas market, since he hadn't gone yet (I wanted to go back anyway, and I think I'll be going a third time when I have cash again). We walked around for a couple hours, looking at all the stuff for sale, listening to the bands playing, and eating a lot of really good food. We bought some lángos to start (delicious) and after a little while, we went to one of the stalls so we could buy some actual food for an early dinner. I had some kind of "impressive meat," which turned out to be duck (I just called it impressive because it looked amazing) with roasted potatoes and onions. It was absolutely delectable, but--then again--most Hungarian food is. After walking around some more (and after a mug of mulled wine), we got a chimney cake with citrus glaze to go and left the market, taking the metro to Oktogon.

While we were waiting for the six at the Oktogon tram stop, minding our own business and munching away at our chimney cake, this woman came up out of nowhere, grabbed a piece out of my hand, said "thank you" and walked away. It was so bizarre... and she ended up on the same tram as us, asking everybody aboard for something or other. I have no idea what happened, but it was certainly very strange, indeed.

Once back in Móricz Zsigmond körtér, I hustled up the hill to the dorm to escape the cold and snuggled up as soon as I entered the room. I only just finished watching the Return of the Jedi (I've been meaning to watch some Star Wars for a while), and now I'm starting to get ready for bed. So, though not very eventful, I had a nice day. This week is sure to be busy and emotional, with it being our last week as a whole group, since only we K students have to stay for January research projects. Half of our BSCS ranks will be gone by the weekend, and I am kind of dreading losing my new friends. Hopefully we can make this week last...

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