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Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's play the "don't get deported" game!

10:42 pm CET

This morning we took a tram, two buses, and the subway to the far-flung Immigration Office to get our residency permits. After waiting an hour for my turn, I was told by our program coordinator that because I have a visa, I actually have to go to a different office. So now two fellow K students and I are going to this other place on Monday to get our permits. Hopefully it won't take an eternity or be all too nervewracking; I just want it to be over already. I guess I've never really known what it feels like to be a foreigner before (Canada barely counts). It is amazing here, but in this instance at least, it definitely sucks being a stranger in a strange land.

After returning home empty-handed, I bought some more groceries and walked up to my room. I was more exhausted than I had thought, and ended up sleeping for a few hours. I've been resting in the room all day long, and I am grateful for the time to myself. I certainly needed a chance to catch up, and today did just the thing.

Pretty much all evening I've been listening to a classical radio station I recently discovered: Klasszik Radio 92.1 FM Budapest. Its Friday night repetoire is a little strange, though; never before have I heard Holst back-to-back with Be Our Guest, or Bach followed by America from West Side Story. Not that I mind, of course; it eclectic nature is just noteworthy in my book.

In other news, tomorrow morning we leave for our trip to the towns of Szentendre and Visegrád. In Szentendre we're set to join the wine-tasting festival and see an old cathedral, and in Visegrád we're going to visit a castle and spend the night in some cabins. On Sunday we'll pack up and return to Budapest by boat on the Danube. It's sure to be an amazing experience, and the tentative plan is to take so many photos that facebook will explode when I try to upload them all.

For now, however, I have to finish putting stuff in my backpack for tomorrow. I'll kick back with my bizarre awesome radio station of choice and my half-empty bottle of Heineken (I know, more beer. I'm not becoming an alcoholic, I promise), and just recover from a busy week while preparing for the weekend of a lifetime ahead. Cheers!

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