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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hungarian Room.

9:24 pm CET

Our second day of class was a lot less troublesome than the first; concepts were a bit easier to understand and I didn't get nearly as lost as I did yesterday. There are two more class days till the final, though, which is definitely scary.

After philosophy I ordered a sandwich in Hungarian (so exciting!! I didn't mess up!!!!) in the cafeteria, and took a short nap before our first Hungarian Culture class began. The professor is this older Hungarian guy. His english isn't that good, but he was wearing a brightly-coloured ascot, so that wins him a few points, at least. Two other K students and I had to leave class immediately after introducing ourselves because we had an appointment at the immigration office for which we couldn't be late. Luckily we didn't miss all that much, according to the others.

Getting the residence permit was relatively quick and painless, so I am now officially allowed to live in this country! Huzzah!! The immigration officers were friendly and they spoke really good english, so we didn't have to wait forever trying to understand one another. On the way back to the dorm it began to rain and I had forgotten my umbrella, so I made a makeshift headcover from my scarf (I think some people may have been staring at me). The bus ride home was great; the three of us had a great conversation with our student coordinator, Niki (we don't actually know what her title is, but she does pretty much everything for us; she's kind of like our Hungarian older sister), and she said that my Hungarian accent is pretty good. I was really proud of myself, haha. When we got back to Móricz Zsigmond körtér, I went to the Spar (pronounced Shparr) and bought even more groceries (I feel like I get some every single day, but hey, if it's that cheap, why not keep the fridge stocked up?) and walked back to the dorm.

One of my roommates got the single room she was originally assigned, so one of the other program participants--Yoana from Bulgaria--moved in with Ada and me. She just finished moving in and we've already broken out the booze in celebration. I can tell this is going to be a fantastic rooming situation; we're going to have such a blast!

All the rest of the Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem students have arrived, which means that our once quiet Collegium is now filled with people. It's a change we'll get used to easily enough, but tonight there are huge groups of them outside shouting and cheering. About what, we're not sure, but it certainly makes for interesting background noise.

Hopefully they won't be going all night, though, 'cause we have another 9-5 day tomorrow... now let's see if y'all can shake Dolly out of your heads. Good luck!

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  1. i love reading this! just fyi, SPAR originated in the netherlands. so it's Shpar, but only as the Hungarians know it. haha. <3 You should go into the elelmiszer across the street from spar. it's great.