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Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you ever seen the grass so green or a bluer sky?

10:17 pm CET

The sun finally decided to come out from behind those ever-persistent clouds today! The distinct smell of autumn was in the crisp air this morning as I walked to the tram, and I was more than elated to see a clear blue sky.

That said, we also had a fresh start with a new class today: cognitive ethology. That basically means we'll be studying the cognitive abilities of animals. Our professor is from our university (ELTE) and his english is good (more understandable than Érdi's, that's for sure). He seems a little scatterbrained, but the class looks promising nonetheless.

After making it through ethology lecture, we studied frantically for our first language test (it had been postponed twice already, so there was no chance of it happening again). It was alright; there were definitely things we all completely forgot, but I think--for the K students, at least--our history of bullshitting came in extremely handy.

Instead of exploring today, I decided to take the afternoon to recover from a rather restless night. I bought some fresh bread and went up to the Collegium, where, once in my room, I almost immediately collapsed in bed for a nap. Later in the evening, the fourteen of us (fifteen with Niki) went to the dorm's basement for a meet-and-greet thing with the students of the English-American Studies Workshop. I got the impression that they were thoroughly amused by us; they seemed to find our jokes funny, anyway (at least, I hope they knew we were joking... otherwise we definitely just perpetuated the obnoxious American stereotype a whole lot).

The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny for the rest of the week, so I plan to take full advantage of it. I still have several rocks left unturned in this city... it's time to do some serious exploring, methinks.

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