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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy days lead to crazy nights.

1:21 am CET

Today was another long day. I got up early to cram for the cognitive ethology final and just made it to the university in time for the last minute review session. The exam didn't feel too bad; I definitely felt better coming out of this one than I have the past two.

After the exam I went to the Grand Market Hall again to get a closer look. I had a delicious sausage for lunch, and I bought a lovely blue pashmina scarf for myself (it's actually the only thing I've purchased so far that isn't liquor, food, or living essentials). On my way out I got a warm sour cherry-apple strudel which was, of course, absolutely divine. Once outside I hopped on the 49 tram to Deák Ferenc tér, and from there I took the yellow metro line to Hősök tere (Heroes' Square). There I walked around and took plenty of pictures, and I crossed the road and took a nice, soothing walk through City Park.

Following four hours of walking the streets of Budapest, I returned home to relax. I was far from relaxed, however, when I realised that my computer wouldn't turn on. Thinking there might be some problem with the electricity, I went to plug in my surge protector. Ironically enough, the protector caused the fuse to blow, so the electricity in my half of the room went out. Ada and I went down to the porter to ask what we should do, and since he doesn't speak much English, he directed us to his computer where we communicated using Google Translate (which was really funny, actually). He gave us the key to the electrical box and told us to "find a boy." Instead of being offended, we found the first Hungarian guy we could to help us. He found a ladder and flipped the switch, and all was well. At this point, Rachel Cohan showed up with Jacob. Their unexpected arrival certainly made me feel a whole lot better about my day. We went back to my room and sat for an hour or so and just talked; it was so wonderful having the three of us together again, and it made me miss home a little bit.

When they left, I (somehow) fixed my computer by taking out the battery, and got ready for the pub crawl that Niki and Zoli were taking us on. Ada and I left the dorm late, so we were subsequently late getting to the designated meeting point. It was alright, though: half the group was late, and during the entire tram ride to Oktogon (a big octogonal intersection where we decided to meet), there was an extremely drunk man singing to himself and whoever would listen. It goes without saying that it was, indeed, a hysterical trip.

Upon the entire group assembling, we went to the first pub. Jacob and Rachel met us there, too, so it was a lot of fun. We ended up going to... four pubs, I believe, before I broke off from the group for the night. We had a great time, although no one had such a wild time that they ended up actually crawling... hahaha.

Tomorrow I am putting on my "fearless leader" hat and taking Rachel (and Jacob) around the city for her birthday. I have some good stuff planned, and I am super excited. It's gonna be such a blast!

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